Fabulous Fiascos

Not so Pinterest Perfect?

Real Life…

Sometimes my fiascos are category five catastrophe; other times it is the everyday tasks that slip me up. We most often see other moms in their best light, but struggle realizing that everyone has THOSE moments. And some of us have a lot of THOSE.

THOSE moments could be when the doorbell rings, and you realize the toys scattered all over the floor; laundry is piled high; and the stench of dirty diapers is likely wafting right through the entryway? Hoping not to run into anyone you know at the store during the blow out? Wishing you would not have promised to bring a desert to the potluck because it transformed into charcoal?

Whatever happens, remember that you are treasured for who you are and not what you do. No one is perfect, and our children need to see us being imperfect. In these moments, we can teach them how to laugh and treasure what is really important.

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More fabulous fiascos below…

Easter Morning 2018

Attention to detail? Not my strong suite. Apparently whipping up a morning surprise based on a picture rather than reading a recipe is not the way to go. Also, I was forty weeks pregnant with our third muddy buddy, so I guess I was a little distracted. Whatever happened, the kids still claimed that it was tasty; family still gathered; and the holiday still beheld its meaning.

Holy Bodily Functions

Have you ever had THAT moment? You find yourself scrounging for one last diaper somewhere in the bag–no…the car–no…the glove compartment–no…the stroller basket–no. Extra clothes? Nada. Also, antibiotics cause babies terrible diarrhea. What about reflux and over-eating to soothe? Why does this always happen in public or a freezing cold car? Holy Bodily Functions!

I can not remember if the mud stains came out of this white eyelet skirt, but I do remember this summer morning with low tide, and it was worth it. She can not fit this skirt now anyway.

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