About Me

Heidi Johnson

Full-time Mischief Manager

I am a mom of three knights and a princess, which makes me a queen, right?…a queen who cleans out FisherPrice chamber pots anyway. Actually I have two toddlers in diapers, a pre-schooler and a first grader. I am also married to a man in the military, who happens to be my favorite noble-man in charge of bath time–that is when he is not overseas or in the field.

We have moved six times (about to be seven) in twelve years, which has provided ample opportunities to learn from different moms and mom groups. I have held leadership in MOPS International and volunteered with several children’s church programs. I have a passion for God’s Word, tiny humans, traveling, baking, fitness and languages.

Among my favorite things include: British Baking Show, 90s movies and watching for fireflies after the kids are tucked in…before they come down to tell me they can’t sleep. One of my life’s aspirations is to be an ‘extra’ in a cheesy disaster movie.

What I Do
  • After-dinner Squirrel Convention Coordinator (Corralling the littles)
  • Circus Wagon Chauffeur
  • Foreign and Domestic Shenanigan Co-producer
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