Beautiful Mess

“As a mom, in whatever season of life you find yourself in, I want you to know deep in your soul that God delights in you–no matter how you see yourself”

Sherry Surratt, CEO MOPS International from Beautiful Mess

I had two toddlers at the time and was surviving an El Nino season in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Meanwhile, my husband was on a training deployment in Thailand’s sunny northern (more arid) region. On an average year, Seattle receives roughly 44 inches of rain between November and April. On that particular year (2017), Seattle drowned in 144 inches of precipitation. This was a rough year. My oldest is a sweetheart now, but at the time his three-year-old strong will nearly drove me to the “funny farm”. Luckily, I drove myself to MOPS (Moms of Pre-schoolers) instead, where God gave me healing truth about motherhood, my children and Himself.

I ended up in a Bible study called Beautiful Mess, in which I learned to embrace my role as a mom (more than before) to my children specifically; accept what I bring to mothering my children (including my insecurities and flaws); and most of all how God has good plans for all moms as we see our needs fulfilled in and by Him. These truths shaped the foundation of my motherhood. I would not see the beauty in the mess, if it were not for that study and the wonderful mentor moms of MOPS.

This Blog is about messy motherhood (including our fiascos and our muddy buddies (who pee in our beds and give us all the good stories to write about). These moments challenge us when it is hard to see the beauty that God always sees. I hope to pass on the encouragement, laughter and love that I experienced during my most challenging times as a young mom–many of which I still face and a season in which I am still submerged. I will share things that go well and things that do not–stories, recipes, and other ideas to try each month. Don’t forget to check out other pages on the Muddy Buddies website, Fabulous Fiascos and Featured Inspiration for more laughs and encouragement.

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